You will always be first received by the Secretary (se) of the Mistress.
He / she leads you to her.
There follows an interview, an interview to get to know each other better and to make the wishes and rules known.
This call will be made ​​by a slave contract.
This is all included to be of your liking, safety and obedience certainly.
After signing the contract, the session start.

This is an agreement between ……………………… (slave ) and ………… ……..

(hereinafter called Misstress Belgium).

This agreement defines the conduct and the obligations of her slave in the game

period. During this period, I will fully be treated as slave . All my doings is aimed to

please my Mistress.

I speak my Mistress as Misstress Belgium. Also for the slave an appropriate name will be sought. The slave may think himself/herself a good name and tell it to her / his

Mistress She decides whether the name will be used.

The ultimate goal of this agreement is to let me experience what it means to be

the full and unconditional possession of my Mistress.

Therefore I serve this agreement in full. I have no possibility to prematurely

abort the agreement. Only after the termination of this agreement is in

conjunction with my Mistress checked whether the rules and obligations in the

future still apply.

The rules and obligations are all unconditionally. Any violation of the rules will

be appropriately punished by my Mistress. It is my duty to make sure that I can

fulfil my obligations.

I have the right to (ounce –twice or ?). a month to express a wish (fantasy)

Slave also always retain under all circumstances the right to use the word STOP,

where he /she is allowed to leave his / her role to express his / her feelings.

Therefore he / she doesn’t need a permission from his / her Mistress.


My Mistress can have me at the agreed times in any way She wants. I will with

heart and soul completely surrender to my Mistress and without restraint do

anything to please Her.

Both parties commit to start the game alcohol free. During the game, one glass

of alcohol per half an hour is allowed. During the game slave signs nothing and

have no contact with third parties. Regarding children and family is phone

answering necessary. A brief break in play. follows


1. Indoors I always wear my leather collar possibly also my ankle and wrist

cuffs. Other clothes I don’t wear or only the most necessary. Briefs are not worn

indoors. Mistress ensures that a comfortable temperature prevails

2. The Mistress is allowed to put ankle cuffs on the slave. When cramps and

activities to detach and if necessary to remove them immediately

3. Doing household chores I wear the outfit that my mistress has told me.4. Depending on the circumstances, my Mistress determine that these rules are

to be applied otherwise.

5.Starting from the agreement I shave every 3 days my private parts.

6. I take care of my hair and nails as well as possible

External submissiveness:

1. I walk, stand and sit always as straight as possible. I make sure my back is

straight, my shoulders back and my pelvis tilted forward. My head is always

right and my eyes are always proud.

2. If I stand my feet are at least 20 cm apart.

3. I take any attitude that my Mistress lays upon me. I keep this attitude until

She indicates that it is enough. Or slave request a time out in relation to cramp,

the slave makes a request for a change of attitude.

4. My Mistress owns my body. If She determines that I have to show some parts

of my body then I execute it immediately I am not ashamed of the desires of my



1. Upon entering at my Mistress I’m immediately ready for inspection. (not for

the first appointment). To this end, I place my hands against a wall, spread my

legs and push my ass in the air. I put my head in my neck. I do not look up or

back. I do not speak until I’ve been inspected. During the inspection, I will not

make sounds. I wait as long as it pleases my Mistress to perform the inspection

2. After the inspection, I will only speak in a questioning tone. After the

inspection I am leashed and can sit or lie down to the feet of my Mistress In bed

I also can be leashed.

3. If I may sit down, I’ll always make sure that my private parts are free / visible.

4. While my Mistress is busy, I am free in my doings.

5. If my Mistress offers something I will always execute it in a so submissive

possible manner, with eyes down and on my knees.

6. If I am asked what I am, I will reply: I am a horny dog / bitch in heat that can

be used as such. My Mistress is my owner.

7.If I want to drink something I need first to ask my Mistress. If the authorization is granted I must get myself a drink Smoking is permitted at any time, provided I am offering my Mistress a cigarette.


1. I make sure that my body is all the time easily accessible to my Mistress.

2. I’ll only have an orgasm if my Mistress gives me the order or the permission. Warnings:

1. If I do not listen to my Mistress, I know that measures are taken.

2. 1st warning: 10 taps with the whip on my buttocks.

3. 2nd warning: I am blindfolded and for 10 minutes fastened in a position to determine by my Mistress In such a way that it does not hurt me .


Place: ……………..

Date: ……………………..

Signature: …………….Slave                            Signature:……………. Mistress Belgium